Die Ausnahme, Episode III

Mercedes Appugliese & Florian Bilbao ãDie Ausnahme, Episode III

By A+B Tanzbau / Mercedes Appugliese & Florian Bilbao

“Time is everything, man is nothing; he is, at the most, time’s carcass.”
Karl Marx




Constantly higher, further – and faster. In times of the internet, everyone has an ever faster access to everything and everyone globally. The dictate of speed is omnipresent. What are the effects of this for the individual? How does our current pace of working and living affect our perception of time? Where do the priorities lie in a society that is so accelerated? In conclusion of the trilogy DIE AUSNAHME (The Exception), the third part, EPISODE III – DAS ENDE DER HELDEN (The End of the Heroes) follows the couple from the two previous episodes, but at the same time stands on its own. The two protagonists enter a mythical, comic-like reality where the absurdity of our perception of time becomes palpable. They yearn to be superheroes in this world so that they can use superpowers to tackle the demands of time.

In a mixture of specific scenes and abstract images, Mercedes Appugliese and Florian Bilbao develop a critical reflection on how time can be handled responsibly. This time the composer Moritz Gagern and the musician Yuko Matsuyama, who in the previous episode still remained in the background, are actively involved as performers on stage. They embody the level of the couple’s wishful thinking.


Die Ausnahme, Episode III is a project by A+B TANZBAU in cooperation with Kultursprünge at Ballhaus Naunynstraße gemeinnützige GmbH, funded by the individual project funding of the Land Berlin.

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